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Monday, September 23, 2013

Seizing Fate - Heather Van Fleet

Seizing Fate (Predetermined #2)

Young adult Paranormal romance


Seizing Fate blurb:

And you thought Emmy’s life was a hot mess before…

Jack’s gone off to Arizona with his brother, but for how long? Emmy doesn’t have a clue. In his place, though, is Zachary. The whiny, miserable, alpha wolf–boy who is more than ready to take on the duty of her mate/boyfriend — if she’d let him, that is. But the last thing Emmy wants is to deal with a boy who believes that the world should fall solely at his feet whenever he demands it.

But hey, at least her step–douche is gone, and her life is back to an almost normal sense, right?

Wrong again, Emmy’s life will never again be normal…

With her Uncle Prick in town and her best friend acting as secretive as ever, Emmy finds new challenges to overcome — challenges that no seventeen–year–old girl should ever have to deal with. For one thing, what is up with her dream–liaison status anyway? What does it mean, really? And why does her little brother have to go through it too? And then there’s her mom. The lady is acting a tad bit odd, to put it nicely. After all these years, she finally wants to step up and be a parental figure? Heck no! Emmy’s definitely not copacetic with that idea.

But with the bad, there’s got to be some good out there for her somewhere, right?

Add in the wolves, witches, drama, and lots of kisses and you get Emmy the Extraordinaire, the girl with strawberry–colored hair, and a chip on her shoulder. She’s finally on her way to finding out what her life and her future both have in store for her, even if the road to getting there is nowhere near as easy as she hoped it would be. But Emmy is tough, and more than ready to take on life with her bare hands.

It’s just too bad she’s madly, desperately, insanely in love with a boy who insists on making her life both a miserable hell and utter perfection at the same time.


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Goodreads link for Resisting Fate: (Book one)




Pressure, fire, wetness, tongues — single words were all I could think as our mouths battled. God, I’d never been kissed like this before. Ever, and if we stopped, I’d die a happy woman from his lips touching mine alone. He tugged his hand into the back of my hair, pulling my chin upwards, yanking me towards him. I clawed at his shirt, ready to rip it from his massive body. I pulled at his jacket first, lowering it over his shoulders until it fell to the floor. The buttons jingled against the tile, scattering over our feet. Damn, if he didn’t care about his signature black coat falling apart, then I had to wonder what else I could get away with.




Goodreads page:

Young Adult paranormal and contemporary author Heather Van Fleet is an Illinois born native, raised in a town that borders both Iowa and Illinois. She’s a wife to her hubby (and high school sweet heart) Chris, as well as a mom to her three little girls, Kelsey, Emma and Bella. When she’s not obsessing over her fictional book characters, cooking dinner, or running around chasing her crazy kiddos, you can usually find her with her head stuck in her Kindle, drinking White Chocolate Mochas like they were water.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Sean T. Poindexter
Social Worker Max Hollingsworth is no stranger to the otherworldly. But when he’s called upon to investigate a missing child, he stumbles upon a deeper mystery. Children are vanishing and no one, not even their parents, remembers them. Suspicion turns to Neo-Nazi vampires and humans running a child slavery ring, but even that is only the beginning. For help he turns to friends, old and new, but even they might not be enough. When new enemies turn deadly, old enemies become allies, including the least likely ally of all: an enemy whose cruelty and evil was almost his end, and haunts him still.
Coming 9/25/2013
Published by Ambrosia Arts

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dehumanized - Michael Loring


Michael Loring

Authors Bio: Michael Loring was born in Bristol, Connecticut, but has lived in a variety of places such as Florida and Tennessee. He likes to think of himself as an amateur Lycanthropologist, studying werewolves ever since he was eight years old when he first saw An American Werewolf In London. He spent most of his life switching between home school and public school, always focusing on his passion of writing no matter what. His interest in writing was sparked in the second grade when his teacher encouraged him to write short stories for the class, earning him more than one award at school assemblies for Creative Writing.

He currently resides back in his birthplace of Connecticut with a house full of women who like to drive him up the wall until he finishes his chores. Though they seem to avoid him during the night of the full moon for some unexplainable reason…

TAGLINE -  We will not be caged.


Author’s Links







Buy Links:









Release Date: July 24th, 2013

Blurb: Ryan Zachery lived his life the way all high school teenagers should – carefree. Until he was attacked by an unknown assailer and awoke in the hospital with lycanthropy. Taken by armed guards and dragged away from everything he held dear, Ryan was thrown into a US camp made for those ‘suffering’ from lycanthropy. They caged the beast, but now he will show them that he will never be dehumanized.

Genre: Paranormal/Dystopian/New Adult


Tour Dates – September through November

Stops wanted - Guest Posts, Interviews, Promo, Reviews (these are our favorites), and Individual Giveaways.

A digital copy giveaway with each stop.



Chapter 1

 Present Day Unknown, Canada.

There was nothing quite like being attacked unannounced. The surprise of being hit without seeing it coming made it just a bit more painful. There would be a tiny moment of pure shock, when your heart nearly burst and your brain halted in an attempt to look  back on what had just happened to determine what exactly it was. The shock, the confusion and the pain, made the experience all the more unpleasant. Ryan spat out the grime and muck that had entered his mouth as he was slammed down face-first to the ground. The man who had performed this very unpleasant act was standing over him and smirking smugly, holding up his fists in preparation of Ryan's countermove. He had caught the boy off guard, and had slammed his fist into the back of his head, sending him tumbling forward into the mud. Ryan growled, agitated at having been attacked unannounced and for no apparent reason. He jumped to his feet and charged the larger man head-first, tackling him to the ground. A crowd began to brew around the fighting pair as he drove hisfists like hammer into the ugly man's face. Anger was bubbling beneath the surface, and nothing could stop him now that he wasin motion.“Hey! Quit it!” The guards were trampling through the small crowd, their body armor giving them great leverage. Twomen in black armor with tasers strapped to their hips restrainedRyan, pulling him into a lock and yanking him off the bloodied


man lying in an unconscious heap on the ground. Two others tended to the unconscious man as he was dragged off to await punishment. Ryan struggled against the guard's grasp. He hated to be manhandled, and he knew that whatever punishment they dealt out would be unjust and cruel. It wasn't his fault the fight had started. The other man had thrown the first punch. He was just staring listlessly out through the barbed-wire fence at the silent forest when he was attacked. “Let me go!” he cried out, snarling and flailing about. The men had a firm grasp under his arms, hindering his general movement. Anger was stirring inside his gut, and it only angered him more to think he was not going to win this battle. He never did. The guards stripped him down and threw him into the Dungeon, a dark murky room with no lights or windows and only a bucket to use as a bathroom. They tossed him into the cold dark room and locked the door behind him before he could turn and try to run. He shivered, his naked body reacting to the temperature. The room was made specifically to be cold in order to 'properly' punish the delinquents. But due to the prisoners' increased body heat, they had to adjust the conditioners to an extremely low temp for it to truly effect the punished. Ryan slammed his fist into the metal door with a bark, not caring that he'd most likely broken a finger or two. It would heal in an hour, as would the gash on the back of his head. The wounds always heal. Be it an hour or two or three they healed to near perfection. Not a scar marred his flesh, except the mangled mark that ran between his shoulder and neck. He tenderly touched the scar on his neck as he turned and slunk down against the wall, ignoring the hot pain grating against his back as he did so. The scar was a large red gape in his flesh that ran from the end of his shoulder up to his neck and down to just a few inches above his nipple. It was all he would ever keep in this hell. He lost everything the day he gained this mark. His family, his friends, his home; they were all gone. He had been taken away from his family nearly two years ago. After being attacked by a large animalistic creature he was brought by a team of those bastard guards to this horrid place. At the time, neither he nor his family understood why he was being taken away, and were outraged to find out he was to be taken. He had fought tooth and nail to escape the men in black armor, but they had tasered him and left him unconscious until he found himself on the inside of a white van speeding across the country to this camp. Confused and terrified, he had tried to reason with them – telling them he shouldn't be here. He'd run up to every guard or scientist he saw and pleaded that it was a mistake. He wasn't one of those. He was just attacked by a...That had eluded him for a time. What he had seen that night was a monster, a terrible creature that was unfit to walk this earth. It had bitten him, leaving behind this glaring scar in the crook of his neck. His lips peeled back in disgust. It was confirmed the next full moon that what they believed him to be was what he really was. He had been locked away in a cage under the building alongside other cages filled with the other men and women of this place. Ryan had yelled, cried, and begged to be let free. He knew what was to come. The people around him were resigned to what lay ahead, some looking at him with interest, as if they had seen this a hundred times before. He had feared he'd be in danger with all of these monsters around him. But he shouldn't have worried, for when the moon came around he, too, fell and began to Change. Limbs and skin ripping and tearing into something that he could never accept. Something he'd fear for the rest of his life.

 A werewolf...

As he adjusted his weight against the cold, hard stone wall he scowled at the memory of waking up to find he had gone on a similar rampage as the rest of the room's occupants. He was a werewolf. Infected by the disease that had swept the Nations in a flurry of fur and fang .Forever cursed, forever alone. Ryan sighed as he closed his eyes and tried to sleep. But itwas too hard, for his skin prickled and his nose caught the scent of the bucket in the corner. He groaned and slammed his hand


against the wall again. They called this place a rehabilitation center, but the camp was more a prison than anything else. The dark room he was trapped in was a common punishment in prison systems, known as the “Hole.” The guards outside fondly referred to it as a“Dungeon” for its similarity to the prisons they kept people in under castles in medieval times. He had only been thrown in this place three times, excluding this one. The first time was upon his arrival when he punched out a guard in shock. He hadn't known why he was here, and he had still believed strongly that he wasn't a werewolf. They threw him in here and he puked at the strange smells that invaded his nose. The second and third times were both because of fights. Here in the camp there wasn’t much to do during recess – a designated time where the subjects, as the scientists preferred to call them, are allowed to roam a confined space outside to keep themselves in shape – other than fight. He had been, and still was, a favorite among the crowd to fight for the simple fact that he was so young. Most of the men were in their thirties or forties, as well as the women. He though was only nineteen, and as such was seen as an easier target for their brutality. Ryan ran his hand over the stubble of shaved hair atop his head and snorted, half in spite and half to try and get rid of the foul taste of dirt from his mouth. What had he done to deserve this? Of all the things he had done in life, what was it that sent him here? What made him what he is and why?

 I'll never know... and that's my downfall.

Friday, September 13, 2013


 Volume 1
Published by Ambrosia Arts

Blurb - A fun night in a small town carnival will change Erin’s life forever with a simple visit to a bizarre and mysterious fortune teller. Scared to death by what the haggard woman reveals, Erin quickly flees and quite literally collides with Angelo, a mysterious, captivating carnival worker. Later that night, he appears in her dreams but he’s not the only one visiting her slumber. Evil is lurking on the edge of the shadows and it’s coming for her. Loyalties are tested and the lines of friendship begin to blur as long hidden truths come to light and fate bears down upon them all. Everyone has secrets but when some turn out to be more than heart wrenching, Erin has to decide who she can trust.

Angelo is not what he seems but then again no one ever is. Not even Erin. Can Erin deal with the harsh past that Angelo has been harboring or will it prevent her from doing what she's been chosen to do?


About this author:
 Christine and her husband coach a little league baseball team. She loves camping, fishing, swimming, and too many other things to list.  While she writes a lot of romance in her books, romance movies aren't really her thing. She likes to watch the action thrillers, scary movies, and anything suspense. She loves to read a good historical romance! Also, she is completely fascinated by all things pirate.
The thing Christine loves the most, outside of writing and her family, is making people laugh. People come and go from our lives, influencing and changing us in all kinds of ways.  Sometimes the influences are positive, but then again, some are negative.  If we use the negative as a tool for learning, we could very well change or even save someone's life down the road.  She strives to be the type of person that touches someone’s life in a positive way, even if it is by writing a book. She believes that if only a quarter of the people in the world would loosen up and smile, it would be a better place.
If she could share one message with the world, it would be that nothing is impossible and you should never stop following your dreams.

Review on Risen:
5 stars! I absolutely loved everything about Risen! I read it in one sitting! I refused to put this book down because frankly I didn't want to! It was just that great! I fell in love with the characters and caught myself secretly wishing they were real :) (shh don't tell) I felt the love and passion between Angelo and Erin. They kept teasing me because every time I would think they were going to be intimate something would happen and I wanted to just slap them both and throw them in bed together! Lol the connection they had was so powerful that it just left me in total awe! Wow! I'm still experiencing the after effects of this book! I would definitely recommend this book. It has the great battle between angels and demons plus an intense love story and many friendships. I am honestly in love with these characters and I can't wait to read Bloodlines! Thank you Christine for allowing me to read this addicting story! ~Bookmark Barbie

A little more about the author:

Christine James
not polite to ask a lady her age... then again...
never really been one for being a lady. I'm 30...
Where are you from:
When did you first consider yourself a writer?
When I officially self-published in 2011
What inspired you to write your first book?
Goodness, I can't answer that honestly. 
I have always been a stickler for the historical romance. . .
pirate ones I love the most... but the misunderstood cowboy and the school marm...
 I've only recently started with paranormal, however, my love will always stay with the historical.  I have several of those written.
Favorite foods / Colors/ Music
Food: Italian
Color: Lime/Neon Green or anything neon
Music: ALL of it except bluegrass... Mumford and Sons my current fave but I literally listen to just about everything.


Author Links: 

FB Book page:
Good reads page:

Google pages


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Becoming PVT Harmon: My Journal from Army Becoming Basic Combat Training



  Ever wonder what it's like to go through Army Basic Combat Training? The reality may surprise you. For the first time ever, experience the making of a U.S. Soldier through the eyes of a Soldier-in-training. This is a behind-the-scenes glimpse at things that you'll never read about in newspapers or see on television. From the humor in "canteen bowling" to the power of believing in something bigger than ourselves, this book captures the very essence of what is considered one of the most challenging--and rewarding--transitions a civilian will make: becoming a Soldier. You will witness fear, excitement, and death. And you'll learn what separates a Soldier from a civilian.

   Whether you are a parent, a Soldier candidate awaiting training, or just someone looking for a good read, it is mandatory that you read Becoming PVT Harmon!



Casey Sean Harmon is a bestselling author and a Soldier in the U.S. Army. He has studied with the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writer's Guild, and holds a degree through American Military University. He lives with his wife and son wherever the military sends them.

Lets see a little more into the mind of Casey!

What was the hardest part of writing your book?
For me the hardest part of writing any book is simply finding time to do it. My Army career requires me to devote so much of my time and attention to the mission that I hardly have time left over at the end of the day. On top of that, I have a ten-month old son and a wonderful wife whom I strive to spend as much time with as possible.
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
There are so many things I wasn’t able to capture in my journal from Basic Training, simply because of the limited amount of time I had to write. I kind of wish that I had included a few additional scenes (perhaps in a bonus section?) in the published version of my journal.
Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
 Simple: you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, all it takes is a little dedication, drive and faith.



Good reads:

LOOOK What else he wrote!!!!

Other works:

The Earth is a Floating Sphere: A Care-Free Collection of Poems and Stories 

Reign of the Night Creatures (The Everafter Chronicles)

The Thousand Year Voyage

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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Reluctant Bride by Beverley Eikli, a Historical Romance available September 15th from Choc Lit.

Beverley will award a $20 Amazon/BN GC to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

The Reluctant Bride
by Beverley Eikli
Winner of the Choc-Lit Australian Star competition!

Emily Micklen is proud, passionate – and left with no option after the death of her loving fiancĂ©, Jack, but to marry the scarred, taciturn, soldier who needs to secure a well-connected wife.

Major Angus McCartney hopes that marriage to the unobtainable beauty whose confident gaze about the ballroom once failed to register his presence will offer both of them a chance to put the past to rest.

Emily’s determination to be faithful to Jack’s memory is matched only by Angus’s desire to win her with honour and action. Sent to France on a mission of national security, Angus discovers how deeply Emily has been duped, but the secrets he uncovers lead them both into danger. Can Angus and Emily unmask the real conspirators before they lose everything?
‘It’s not a sin, unless you get caught.’
The gentle breeze seemed to whisper Jack’s teasing challenge, its soft, silken fingers tugging at Emily’s ingrained obedience. She put down her basket and stared with longing at the waters below, sweat prickling her scalp beneath her poke bonnet as desire warred with fear of the consequences.
‘Where’s your sense of adventure, Em?’
Still resisting, Emily closed her eyes, but the wind’s wicked suggestiveness was like the caress of Jack’s breath against her heated cheek; daring Emily to shrug aside a lifetime of dutiful subservience – again – and peel off her clothes, this time to plunge into the inviting stream beneath the willows.
She imagined Jack’s warm brown eyes glinting with wickedness. Taunting her like the burr that had worked its way into the heel of her woollen stockings during her walk.
Exhaling on a sigh, Emily opened her eyes and admitted defeat as she succumbed to the pull of the reed-fringed waters.
Desire had won, justified by practicality. If she had to remove one stocking to dislodge the burr she might as well remove both.
Scrambling down the embankment, she lowered herself onto a rock by the water’s edge. Her father would never know. If he glanced from his study in the tower room, where he was doubtless gloating over his balance sheet, he’d assume she was a village lass making her way along the track. Emily had never seen him interest himself in the poor except …
Like most unpleasant memories, she tried to cast this one out with a toss of her head, still glad her father had never
discovered what she’d witnessed from her bedroom window one evening five years ago: the curious sight of Bartholomew
Micklen ushering the beggar girl who’d arrived on his doorstep into his carriage.
Then climbing in after her before it rumbled down the driveway and out of sight.
Now was just another of those moments when Emily was glad her father remained in ignorance. Her insurance, should she need it, was that she knew a few of her father’s secrets the excise men might just want to know.
By the time the first stocking had followed Emily’s boots onto the grassy bank she was bursting with anticipation for her swim.
What did one more sin matter when she’d be Mrs Jack Noble in less than a week?



AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Beverley Eikli is the author of eight historical romances published by Pan Macmillan Momentum, Robert Hale, Ellora's Cave and Total-e-Bound. Recently she won UK Women's Fiction publisher Choc-Lit's Search for an Australian Star competition with her suspenseful, spy-based Regency Romance The Reluctant Bride.


She's been shortlisted twice for a Romance Readers of Australia Award in the Favourite Historical category — in 2011 for  A Little Deception, and in 2012 for her racy Regency Romp, Rake's Honour, written under her Beverley Oakley pseudonym.


Beverley wrote her first romance when she was seventeen. However, drowning the heroine on the last page was, she discovered, not in the spirit of the genre so her romance-writing career ground to a halt and she became a journalist.


After throwing in her job on South Australia's metropolitan daily The Advertiser to manage a luxury safari lodge in the Okavango Delta, in Botswana, Beverley discovered a new world of romance and adventure in a thatched cottage in the middle of a mopane forest with the handsome Norwegian bush pilot she met around a camp fire.


Eighteen years later, after exploring the world in the back of Cessna 404s and CASA 212s as an airborne geophysical survey operator during low-level sorties over the French Guyanese jungle and Greenland's ice cap, Beverley is back in Australia teaching in the Department of Professional Writing & Editing at Victoria University, as well as teaching Short Courses for the Centre of Adult Education and Macedon Ranges Further Education.


She writes Regency Historical Intrigue as Beverley Eikli and erotic historicals as Beverley Oakley.


Beverley won the Choc Lit Search for an Australian Star competition with The Reluctant Bride.


Shortlisted for the 2012 Australian Romance Readers Award for her novel Rake's Honour


Finalist in the 2011 Australian Romance Readers Awards for her novel A Little Deception.