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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hell's Gate by Benjamin Daniels


Benjamin Daniels

Hell’s Gate

The gates of Hell are open. Angels and Demons fight for our mortality and dominance of earth. The rapture diminishes the human population and very few remain to defend what God gave us. It is up to the Angels to fight the war, the humans to survive and the druids to protect the earth.

Cole wants nothing more than to be left alone until the war is over and see who wins. He doesn't care for rules of any kind and wants least of all to choose a side. Fate however, has different plans for him. His only friend is being held hostage by a Demon with a plan to win the war and return the earth to what it once was. It is up to him to rescue her with the help of a fallen Angel who comes to his aid to ensure his survival.

The Druids are the only ones who can save his friend but they have an agenda of their own. The demon is demented but has the best intentions with what she believes. Cole finds himself lusting after the fallen Angel and must choose between her and saving his friend. The problem is that he doesn't know who he can trust.

Armageddon is here and Hell on earth has just begun.

Excerpt Hell’s Gate:

"Well now, children. Who decided to play and did not invite me to join?” Her voice is feminine, seductive and teasing with sexuality. I can’t see her yet, but the tone is that of a very beautiful woman. Vera's voice holds the same electric currents in it, but I’m not attracted to this one.

Vera's voice sounds strained, as if she’d been talking for hours. Like she is just waking in the morning and isn't functioning quite right. "Thank you for answering my call, Lilith."

"I'm not answering your call Vera, you assume too much. You sent out a beacon for aid, that much you did, but you see you're on my lands and a beacon must be answered by the enforcers. I just can’t allow it to happen." Her voice isn't as pleasant. "You have all broken Demonic law. I was not informed any of you would be here. It is within my rights to kill you."

She’s beautiful.  Her hair is fire truck red, it curls naturally down her back and follows her soft jaw. Her eyes’ are fierce with the color of a deep emerald. She has skin as pale as the full moon in the middle of the night. A short dress barely covers what she has to show. The dress hangs low on her breasts with circles cut out of the midriff leaving a single strip running across her stomach into a pair of panty bottoms with a loin cloth that is higher in the front than the back. Black boots run up her legs with the dress hiding the top of the boots. Her wings are reddish brown and look like leather. They don’t compare to those of an angel but are more like those of a bat. The stories at least get some things right.

She leans closer to whisper softly in Vera's ear. “Now what should I do.” She curls her mouth into a scary smile. Whatever she is planning, she’s going to enjoy it.


Benjamin Daniels

Benjamin Daniels was born and raised in West Jefferson, Ohio. Graduated from West Jefferson High School and went on to get two college degrees. He still lives within the sleepy town of West Jefferson taking care of his family and small dog. He often looks for good charities to donate to and causes to follow. He abandoned one field of study when writing became his passion and is happy about the decision to take on the written word.

Ambrosia: So your life has been pretty intense compared to most. Most movies can’t even hold up to what you’ve lived. This must have some impact on your writing, would you agree?

Ben: Absolutely, the memories I have come through in my writing. There are elements of my writing that reflect about the characters that only a few know and why they are the way they are. However it did make them unique and the characters they have become. I use a lot of myself within it and a lot of my own life story but figuring out which is the fun part. *wink*

Ambrosia: It certainly adds to the intrigue. Your voice in your writing is very unique. How would you describe to a new reader your specific writing style?

Ben: Detailed… ;) Honestly no, my voice is unique because I live in my head 95% of the time. Most writers will tell you they do too but I'll tell you because I'm in a chair, I haven't seen sunlight in three months. I pretty much stay in one room because that is where my toys are and I have no reason to go flop out on the sofa and my friends left me a long time ago. To say that I don't live in my head is an understatement. Oh I do have to add that most won't think about, since I am in a chair, I can't feel 75% of my body, everything thought, feeling, sensual pleasure described down to the last detail. I have to go back through time to remember what it is like. You forget over time.

I don't know how to put it any other way. You really don't think about it, you don't remember it. You always feel your legs. You know what it is like to be covered in mud. I no longer have those feelings. I no longer feel them. I don't know what it is like to have my toes in the sand on the surf torn shore to have them wash over them anymore and feel the sand slightly pull it from under your feet tickling them as the sea robs the land of its mass but it is a memory to have and for just one more time, I would sell my soul to have again.

Ambrosia: That's truly what makes your work all the more incredible in my eyes. Though I do have more questions for you, in regards to your recent statement I want to step aside and bring up something else. All of your royalties are donated to charity. Tell us about the charities you’ve chosen and what makes them stand out for you. Moreover, the ones you choose when you change where the royalties give to, such as you did for the recent tragic school shooting to help those families.

Ben: I wrote my Erotica for the ladies it naturally had to go to a cause for them. I have had friends die of breast cancer. I have watched them die in their lovers arms and to be helpless as they pass with as much dignity as they can. It's amazing what you can remember when you have to look into the eyes of a dying person and not even please don't go will ever bring them back. To be part of the solution even if it is only ever 20 bucks over my whole book's life. At least I was a part of it. Hell's Gate is being donated to a cure for paralysis for obvious reasons. It has its ups and it's down, and when someone isn’t truly in need right now that I can help it will return to them. The search for a cure isn't going anywhere and it is a long uphill battle that I will never see in my life time. To help out a family who just lost their child. I can help today.

Ambrosia: Well we certainly know where the inspiration for the story comes from, but what compelled you to write the Seventh Seal Saga?

Ben: I've always been drawn to writing. I love to do it but compelled isn't the word I would use. What inspired me rather to write and actually complete a book is because there was a woman in my life when I began the books who meant the world to me. She was God's present to me and my own personal fallen Angel and nothing will ever rob her of that title. I will always owe her for giving me the strength, courage and dedication to complete the first book and the universe built upon it. Every time I close my eyes I see her face and smile a little as I write knowing that it will eventually all come together.

Ambrosia: What has been the hardest part regarding your writing?

Ben: Remembering.

Ambrosia: And is there anything that this journey in writing has taught you? Or anything you have learned from it all?

Ben: Nothing happens overnight, nothing happens easily and nothing happens without having a price to pay. We all pay the Fiery man in the end and it has taught me a lot but nothing I can't roll away from with a smile on my face just because I did do it, I did complete it and I didn't take no for an answer.

Ambrosia: In all of your books, do you have a favorite character or quote?

Ben: Can I say all of them?  *laugh* They are after all different pieces of myself. They would disagree with me and I won't fight with them but damn they like to have fun. I don't know if I have a favorite quote but I'm naturally drawn to Cole since I spend the most time with him.

Ambrosia: To other writers, published or aspiring, is there anything you would like to say?

Ben: Write, and keep writing. Don't worry about it, you'll have all the time in the world to make your edits, but if you don't finish your book it matters little. Just write and keep at it until you finish it. You can think it is shit later and nitpick about the stupid things after it is complete. Step one first if you don't fall flat on your face, pat yourself on the back, you've made it to step two. *smile*

Ambrosia: And is there anything else you would like to share with us about yourself?

Ben: I'm me, love me or hate me in the end, I'll still be me. If they really wish to know more about me, I'm always open to my readers and have no troubles talking to any of them.

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