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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review of Closure - Kim Carmichael

An Ambrosia Arts Review of “Closure” written by Kim Carmichael

I recently read the short story “Closure” written by Kim Carmichael. Unsure of what to expect, I dived in head first and found myself treading some boiling waters. The characters are well fleshed out and the storyline is something that just about everyone can relate to…that one person you missed your chance with back in high school.  Life goes on and people change.  Or do they? You’ll find yourself asking this very same question throughout the entirety of the plot. I found the struggle for power delightfully tormenting and many times I found myself unable to decide just who I wanted to have the upper hand in the situation. The sexual tension is palpable. The scenes left me wanting more, both disappointed and excited that what I expected wasn’t necessarily what I was given. It was a refreshing telling of wanting what you can’t have and not exactly getting what you want but wanting exactly what you ended up with and how you got it. Lost love, lust and just enough control or loss of it makes this story a MUST read!  No matter which side you ultimately choose, you are bound to be satisfied. 

K. Charbonneau

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