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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review of Vinsons’ CHRISTMAS And Other Oddities

An Ambrosia Arts Review of Vinsons’ CHRISTMAS And Other Oddities by William J. Vinson


History in itself is both beautiful and ugly. More often than not, what we quote and “remember” is also wrong. To quote Vinson, this is a “fluid madness of history” in a ripe and satiric yet comical form. There is no writing as great as a piece that ignites a passionate debate. His honesty about this work is nearly slanderous upon himself. It is refreshing as it is amusing! This work is the fruit cake of our seasonal parties. You love it or hate it, but no matter that, it is meant to be there for it would not be a holiday season without it. Take away from Vinsons’ Christmas what you will. Take it in stride and perhaps, just perhaps, let it open your mind to other views.

Jaelynn Faye of Ambrosia Arts

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