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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Forever Young Irina by Gerald Simpkins



17-year old Irina Connors is in her last year of high school.  What had begun as seemingly a dream come true only three years previously has morphed into a daily grind of verbal abuse and bullying.  She was offered a place in a special program wherein she is bussed from her poor neighborhood to a school in a wealthy part of Seattle and has qualified for a college scholarship if she can maintain a 3.7 GPA.  As she struggles to maintain a perfect grade average she has increasingly become the favored target of malicious and cruel attacks by a clique of wealthy girls and their boyfriends.

   One day the attacks go too far as her only friend is victimized too and Irina retaliates, setting in motion a chain of events that seem to shatter her life and her dreams.  She crosses a threshold that takes her into a world of unbelievable danger, yet one of great promise as well if she proves worthy.  

   Join Irina as she sets out on the journey of a lifetime and beyond, discovering things unimaginable even while struggling with her own role in her new life.  ‘Forever Young Irina ‘will captivate you and draw you in to experience the world of Vampires as you have never before seen it portrayed.


Telecommunications worker turned author.  My first book ever was titled 'Secrets of the Bible'  It was a paperback book that I published in 1998 and dealt with words that appear in the Hebrew text of the Bible at specific intervals, sometimes called 'Bible codes'.  I returned to writing in 2012 as a novelist after having thoughts about two separate characters and their adventures since around year 2010.  I thought of them as figures in a screenplay and not as literary characters until springtime of 2012 when I decided to write about one of them.

This led to  the 'Forever Young' vampire series following the adventures of the same character and his 'family'.  To date I have written three of them and I anticipate writing more in the near future.  They are available at most online book stores and in  print.

I am a work in progress and my wife and I lead a quiet life in the southeastern United States

I am a new indie author who writes vamp novels.  I recently finished and published my 3rd one, aimed at YA readers, but which will be appreciated by more mature readers of vamp lit as well.  The title is:  'Forever Young Irina' , and it is available for only $.99 at most online bookstores.
ISBN (Smashwords) 978-0-9665434-5-2   

ASIN (Amazon)B00B860FEW  

Please host me in the format of a blog interview to fit your schedule as fits your site. 

'Forever Young Irina' is a vampire action-romance-urban-YA story, and in paperback form the text is around 280 pages.  It features a 17-year old girl who finally retaliates against those who have bullied and harassed her unmercifully at school.  Those lead to unforeseen events that turn her world upside down and propel her into the world of vampires, whom she discovers are living among the citizens of Seattle, Washington. 

I published it on Amazon Jan 29, 2013 and at Smashwords Jan 31, 2013 and it is available in print too. 

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