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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Reina Cottier


Ambrosia Arts – Tell us how you got into this style of art and how long have you been at it?
I started painting about 3 years ago after not doing any art since high school. (and that was very many moons ago! ) This style has evolved over that time, however from the very start I was obsessed with color and shapes flowing together.

Ambrosia Arts -  Who was it that introduced you to art originally? Do you still know them?
Well originally it was my mother, she was, and still is, the most craft obsessed person I know, :) but 3 years ago I decided to take an art class with Maria Fowler, called “Awaken the Artist Within”, a class which did not show one how to paint, but more how to bring out what was inside and express that onto the canvas. I still keep in touch with Maria, she is ia good friend.

Ambrosia Arts – Do you have any current muses or mentors? What inspires you?
Not currently, I have been too busy, but there have been plenty over the last few years.
Life inspires me, different experiences, cultures, vibrancy, colour, energy,  the ocean, nature, mother earth in all her glory.


Ambrosia Arts – What was your first medium in the world of art and how have you progressed from there?
Pencil drawings was my first big thing, at school. I never painted at school. There is no progression, more like a leap sideways :) Now, I dont sketch, maybe only very occasionally to make sure an idea will fit onto the canvas proportionally.


Ambrosia Arts – Can you describe the feeling behind your work for us- How it drives you and why?
I had to really ‘think’ about this, its difficult to answer with words, when its all about feeling,  a creative feeling, I want to create something beautiful, something, that to the viewer, prompts some type of connection within. For me its about aligning with an inner quest for a greater understanding of life  expressed with amazing colours and flowing shapes. It always starts with colour, I then get inspiration for the shapes to follow from that... I never know what is going to happen.

Ambrosia Arts – When did you first realize that this was more than just a hobby of sorts? Or do you still feel that way?
When I had painted 30 paintings I thought, hmm Id better start getting rid of these, Im running out of room! - so made a Facebook art page and website, started selling them, and the rest is history.


Ambrosia Arts – What all mediums have you experimented with? Is there anything you want to try next?
Have used, Paint, Pencil, Crayon, Ink, (crayon & ink together-love!), chalk, collage.
Would like to try more mixed media, only problem is I am such an ‘immediate results’ person, Im not sure I can be bothered with all the fiddly-ness. lol!

Ambrosia Arts – Is there a certain feeling or message you want portrayed in your art that you would like to share with us? (closing question)

Well I would like my art to evoke inspiration and positivity in the viewer. If they connect to something within that makes them feel good, then this is why I paint. There is no ‘message’ as such, more an experience of being uplifted, or pulled in, its a feel good thing! :)

A little about the artist… (bio)
I was born and raised in beautiful New Zealand feel totally blessed to be a part of this amazing land. I have travelled extensively over the years which has had a huge effect on my creativity. Im deeply influenced by different cultures & how they interact with our Mother Earth. in particular our oceans.  As a mother of two vibrant and feisty girls, I’m kept real and grounded every day. . I also do a little hairdressing (this was my career of choice when I left school and I owned my own salon for 9 years). But my first love is art, and this is what I prefer to be doing as much as I can, and with the total support of my wonderful partner, I am able to do this almost every day. Lucky  me, living my dream. :)

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  1. Congratulations Reina! A real nice interview and your paintings look wonderful! :)

    1. thank you Hilje! really appreciate that :) x